Pool Houses

An Introduction

When building a pool house, it is important to consider not only how it will look but also how it will perform. Correct air handling and heating are essential to eliminate condensation and ensure the room is comfortable.

Glass sides and a roof lantern create a feeling of space, allowing views of the garden and sky whilst swimming. Solar reflective glass ensures glare is minimized. During the warmer months, folding doors can be opened wide, extending the poolside into the garden.

A freestanding orangery can accompany an uncovered pool with changing facilities, shower rooms and concealed pump housing. Alternatively, use it is a luxurious summer house; a place to relax and enjoy the mesmerizing sight of a flickering pool glistening with reflected sunlight.


Working With Contractors

We fully appreciate the special requirements of a pool and are happy to offer our expert advice. We can provide a total swimming pool solution from start to finish or, if you prefer, work alongside your own swimming pool contractor to create a stunning finished product suitable for year-round enjoyment.

Life & Living

An indoor swimming pool provides a private and exciting place to have fun with friends and family, as well as a personal space to exercise or relax in the comfort of your own home.

The patio area outside of your pool house provides the ideal venue for entertaining guests at a summer BBQ, as well as allowing you to sunbathe in privacy, close to the cooling and inviting water.

Design & Style

One of the most important considerations when creating a pool enclosure is to ensure that there is enough side glazing, creating good views of the surrounding garden and beyond.

It is preferable to have a semi-glazed as opposed to a fully-glazed roof, as it makes it easier to maintain the proper climate-controlled environment inside; preventing condensation from building up on the glass and any potential cold spots.

Glass lanterns and gables contain a sufficient amount of glass to illuminate the water and other specified areas, allowing views of the sky without excessive glare or too much solar heat gain. The garden room or orangery style can lend itself very well to this built form having many sets of double opening doors or retractable sides.

Folding stacking doors provide large apertures, giving the feeling of swimming in an outdoor pool during the Summer.

Well-insulated, with efficient heating and ventilation, a glazed pool house permits year-round swimming and with space permitting, changing rooms, shower cubicles and comfortable lounging areas. Other elements of the swimming pool such as a pump house can all be cleverly concealed within the design.

A pool house can be interconnected to an existing property or stand completely separate. This is fundamental to how the finished project will look. You may wish to have a building entirely separate to the original property, standing with distinction and presence in your gardens. Alternatively, a pool house can be sympathetically designed to blend into existing brickwork perhaps, with joinery that complements the windows on the house.