An Introduction

Stylish and functional, the modern portrayal of an orangery makes a beautiful and versatile room. An orangery never fails to provide the ‘wow’ factor desired by so many of our clients.

The combination of timber, glass and masonry means your orangery is built to last, with a roof lantern as its showpiece providing natural light and sky views.

Your orangery will be well-balanced with good proportion and scale, so that it complements the existing building perfectly.

Giving shade in the summer and warmth in the winter, combined with fantastic living space, an orangery makes a special addition to any home.

Life & Living

Glazed rooms now have limitless uses and form an integral part of the house. Functionality is key and adds a new dimension to the home.

A well-designed and carefully proportioned orangery creates an entirely new space, blending with an existing room to increase and improve your living area. When sympathetically designed, an orangery can blend perfectly, even when paired with opposing architectural styles.

Period and listed properties often require more careful consideration when extending. However, if handled with diligence and care, these rooms can be complementary to the building’s heritage whilst allowing the addition of modern living space.

Small spaces can be transformed into amazing places. Shaded corners, side returns and even lower ground floor basements will benefit from rooms which make the most of available space and improve the flow of the house.

In these situations, space and light really count. Architectural solutions in suburban areas need careful planning. Knowledge, experience and ingenuity are required to successfully obtain consent, with each case bringing its own challenges.

Design & Style

It can be difficult to envisage what may be possible to complement your home. We understand your concerns, therefore we always try our utmost to give you an understanding of what a new orangery may look like. We understand this is a big decision, a big investment; the importance of getting it right.

We design orangeries from the traditional to a clean-lined modern classic approach, giving good weight and correct proportions to each building depending on its application.

Our correct solution will create your special room, turning dreams into design. Finding the right solution for you and your home, we will be honest in our design. However, we will listen to what you want to ensure we meet all your requirements and deal with your concerns.