Planning Permission

Our experienced and professional staff will handle this on your behalf. From start to finish, we will advise and keep you well informed; dealing with all the complicated paperwork for you.

There are some scenarios where planning permission may not be required. We will advise you in detail but, generally, an extension with the following dimensions does not require permission: 3m deep at the rear of an attached house, 4m deep at the rear (or side, if not facing a highway) of a detached house. These new ‘permitted development rights’ now also apply in Green Belt areas. Volume limits no longer apply.


Listed Building Consent

Often we incorporate the new with the old and take a lead from the architectural features of your home. With a truly unique design, we can satisfy the hardiest of planners and conservation officers. Our experts have been involved in conservation design for glazed buildings with local authorities and, although it may seem daunting to gain these consents, we have had an incredible track record of success. Whatever the period of your house, we will be happy to talk you through the initial stages.

If you live in a conservation area and your planned building is to the front elevation or your home is a Listed building, approval is essential. If Listed building consent is granted, your garden building will be exempt from VAT. We have vast experience in dealing with local authorities in Listed building and planning consent, we prefer to make all applications for you.


Building Regulations

Building regulations must not be confused with ‘Planning Permission’; they are completely separate. Again, we are your experts in these matters and are happy to handle the whole process on your behalf.

Building regulations are constantly changing and we will advise you on the up-to-date situation for individual cases. Here are the current categories:

Traditional all glazed conservatories which are less than 30m² in floor area and have thermal separation from the rest of the house by windows and doors are exempt.

Orangeries and garden rooms having thermal separation from the rest of the house must comply with floor, walls, roof and glazing meeting specific ‘U’ values.

Orangeries and garden rooms which are to be completely open to the house must comply with specific ‘U’ values and be limited in the amount of glazing equivalent to 25% floor area of the extension, plus the area of any existing windows and doors now contained within the extension. Otherwise, full SAP rating calculations by energy consultants showing compliance must be provided.


Party Wall Agreement

A Party Wall Agreement, technically known as an “award”, is the document produced by the two parties’ agreed surveyor acting for the homeowner.

It will usually consist of three parts:

1. The award itself, a set of guidelines governing how the proposed works should progress.

2. A “schedule of condition” of the adjoining property, often supported by a set of photographs.

3. Drawings showing the details of the proposed works.

We will be happy to handle this process for you.


Structural Calculations

It is essential we take detailed calculations of the structure. Our experienced surveyor will ensure this is carried out accurately.